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Warp printed ikat woven fabric collection, 2018
Client : Gachaman Lab
Tokyo, Japan

Gachaman Lab is a company based in Tokyo, using the traditional technique of weaving called «meisen». This method, that developed in the early decades of the 20th century, produces the characteristic blurred outlines of well known ikat weaving because colored dyes are applied through stencils on the warp (vertical threads) before being woven on the loom with the weft (horizontal threads), which create this fuzzy effect.
This is a small collection of 3 patterns which geometrical shapes reinforce the visual effect of the ikat weaving and gives a beautiful touch to very simple forms and colors.




ガチャマンラボは、東京を拠点とする伝統的な織物の技法である「銘仙」を使ったファッションファ ブリックメ ーカーです。20世紀初頭に開発されたこの技法は、経糸の色と緯糸の色を故 意的にずらすことで、絣の特徴的なぼやけた輪郭を生み出します。
このコレクションは3つの模様からなり、幾何学的な形は絣の特徴的な視覚効果をもたら し、とてもシンプルなデザインと色に美しい印象を与えます。